A Cheese to Remember

I love cheese. I always have. I must admit, however, that I didn’t have the most respectable start with this fine dairy product. See, I am one of those special brand of people that really likes radioactive cheese: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, American, Nacho. It’s not pretty.

As I’ve matured in age though, my palate as become more refined. I introduced such concepts as smoked, fresh, and even goat. Now I like to think of myself as a cheese-fanatic-addict. With every country I visit strive to sample some of the local flavor. This always involves trying various cheese. Need a snack? Grab a chunk of cheese! Hoping for good dreams? Think cheesy thoughts!

The choice of Switzerland had only part to do with the fact that this is a cheese-lovers paradise. Psych! It was actually a total chance circumstance that I moved here, but still. Being here has done wonders for my commitment to cheese. I feel this will be a lifelong affair.

Today as I was strolling through the Niederdorf after a glance through the Helmhaus Museum, one of my favorites, I happened upon a Raclette stand. Honestly, I was walking, the booth came in sight, and I was powerless against my feet. It was a gut reaction: See cheese, close in for the kill. Raclette is a Swiss tradition, one that I will most certainly enjoy. It’s a giant hunk o’ cheese that is warmed by a flame. The resulting melted gift from the gods is them poured over bread or potatoes. Each patron can decide how much Raclette seasoning to put on top and whether one wants pickles and/or sweet onions on the side. It’s amazing. Warm cheese over carbs? What the what?!

You probably need a bib right now.

I waited 2.5 seconds for it to cool down and then I dug in. At first bite, an involuntary, “Mmmm” escaped my cheese-covered lips. Had anyone else been around, well, no, even then I wouldn’t have been embarrassed. It’s that good. All social-graces go out the window. Just focus on the food. I chose the potatoes and enjoyed my afternoon snack, while watching the shoppers stroll by. Certainly the perfect mid-day pick-up for a frigid day like today.


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