And the Time Went Where?

If I hadn’t been so productive this morning and early afternoon, I would have been a little mad at myself for piddling away so much time this afternoon. Earlier in the year I wouldn’t have felt this way, but now that my days are numbered (sounds a little morbid, no?) I’m trying to make the most of the time I have left. In any event, I came thisclose to finishing my Christmas shopping this afternoon, therefore I feel some mindless Interwebbing was in order.

This morning at the au pair gathering in the Coop, Michelle, Rebecca, Whitney and I were sharing some of our favorite “time-wasting” websites. FMyLife* kicked off the sharing, and we all agreed that many of the entries sound contrived or too absurd to be true. I know there are a lot of crummy situations, but come on, let’s get real. This one I thought was quite humorous though.

Today, I have to choose between one eyebrow or none because I’m a heavy sleeper and my brother is a moron. FML

Another questionable site of this nature is LameBook. Again, some of the wall posts, photo uploads, and status updates can induce a full belly guffaw, but others seem so impossibly lame that only a bunch of teens sitting around a table chugging energy drinks could have dreamed them up. I passed this photo along to some of my friends this afternoon, although I’m not sure it provoked the same reaction in them as it did in me.

The caption reads: "This is terrifying." It is.

The next three sites were shared with me this afternoon by Rebecca and Michelle. When I got home this afternoon from a couple hours of power shopping I opened up my Facebook to find these gems on my wall. Knowing what was in store, I put on my favorite pair of tattered boxer-short jammies, curled up in bed with my laptop, and perused these sites, which then of course led to more sites, for too long. If you have some time (or don’t, and are looking for some decent procrastination material, give these “time-wasters” a glance and watch the afternoon disappear.

Below I included a couple of my favorites I stumbled upon whilst reading.

Things 90s Kids Realize:

Before school, after dinner and every Saturday morning with cartoons – breakfast cereal was being consumed. To this day I still eat massive Jethro bowls of Fruit Loop but it’s simply not the same. The thrill is gone. Back then there was so much more to enjoy. You had the cheap a[zz] prize inside the box, the crossword puzzle or maze on the back of the box AND the sugary milk to drink afterward. I mean, I actually judged kids based on what type of cereal they ate because I believed that your breakfast defined you. If you were a Frosted Flakes eater, you were an athlete. Trix, you were a spazz. Lucky Charms you were artsy. Cocoa Puffs/Cookie Crisp you were persuasive because my parents refused to believe anything flavored chocolate was a healthy part of a complete breakfast. And if you ate Cornflakes or Shredded Wheat you were lame because honestly, that cereal is for when you’re old and have to eat bland foods due to diabetes.

Dear Blank, Please Blank:

Dear Talent,

I’ll take it from here.

Sincerely, Autotune



Today, I went to the library. I was wandering in the Non-fiction movie section, when I saw The Matrix on the shelf. I’m worried. MLIA.


*Mom, in no way do I condone this type of offensive language.


3 thoughts on “And the Time Went Where?

  1. Umm we were never allowed to eat “sugar cereal” (as I’ve come to realize that only the kids who weren’t allowed to have it call it). Jack and I were allowed one box of “sugar cereal” during out vacations at the beach (and never, never, anything with chocolate or marshmellows). So judge me all you want, I’ll be in the corner eating my Kix. And sometimes, if we were really lucky, Berry Berry Kix.

    • Kix and Berry, Berry Kix were amazing! In fact, they probably still are. I’m looking forward to a cereal attack when I get back: Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Honey Bunches of Oats.

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