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I love music. This is obvious. If you can learn anything by the tag cloud on the side bar of this blog, it’s that I enjoy listening to, talking about, receiving and sharing music. Learning to write about music has been a bit of a toughy for me. How do I go about telling you a song is so good without sounding like, “Oh, it’s soooo good. I don’t know, it kinda sounds like, hmmm. Well, I don’t know what it sounds like, but it’s just so awesome.” You and I would become so annoyed with me that we would be forced to discontinue taking anything I ever said again seriously. With that being said, any time I write about a song or a band I give a lot of thought to what I’m saying because I want it to sound genuine and honest, and not like a twelve year old.

About two weeks ago I was approached via email by Jill’s friend, Jack, about writing a guest post for his music blog. I’ve been reading his blog for a while, ever since I got it from Jill’s (nb: when did I become a blogger?!?). It’s a fantastic read. Jack is an excellent writer and mixes up the perfect song share/photo essay/personal account for each post. I’m so impressed. So, when he asked if I would write something for his blog, I felt truly honored. And still do. It’s funny because right after reading the email the very first song that popped into my head is the one I ended up sharing. I mulled a few others over in my brain, but when it came down to making a decision, this was the obvious choice. When this tune comes on, I stop. Thoughts cease floating around in my head and I am involved with this song. I love that music has that capability.

Check out Jack’s blog and see what I had to say about “Mien” by Millionyoung. I think you’ll really enjoy reading so much of what he has to say.


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