This Weekend is Going to be GREat!

I can’t believe it’s already here. Tomorrow I take the GRE. How did this come so quickly? I feel as though just last week I was sifting through testing dates and deciding whether or not to pull the trigger. Alas, the time has come.

I’m definitely nervous. Not in the I-never-cracked-open-a-study-guide-or-took-a-practice-test sort of way. Rather I feel this is a big deal and I really want to do my best. I think a little bit of pressure is right for this sort of occasion. I feel prepared, though. I read through the monster-size study guide, I took the practice tests. I made vocabulary flash cards, and I went through the flash cards on just about every train ride to and from town. Obviously it’s impossible to memorize everything that might show up on the exam, but I made a valiant effort to reteach myself some math concepts I haven’t visited in about, oh let’s say, four years. For as many words that I just can’t seem to retain in my brain, I have memorized and held on to just as many. While impugn and I just aren’t going to have that kind of relationship, pusillanimous and I are sticking together.

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day, so send intelligent thoughts my way! I’ll report back on Monday.

Why must you wait until Monday? Well, immediately following the test I am boarding a train with my trusty travel companion and we are making our way to Paris for the weekend. What a perfect way to unwind after a couple months of stress preparing for the GRE. And, if my birthday happens to fall on Monday the 22nd, then so be it. Scooting off to Paris to celebrate my birthday? How did I get this life?


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