“With our legs on the edge, and our feet on the horizon”

Two concerts in a row? How did I get so lucky? And could these concerts have been more different? It’s a negative for the last one.

Last night I attended the Beach House concert at the über-trendy klub, Kauflauten. I was introduced to this band earlier in the year and the album Teen Dream will eternally remind me of summer. Albums have a tendency to do that for me; whenever I get one that I really enjoy, I listen to it like a little girl wears a new pair of shoes: constantly. The album then takes on the season in which I have inhaled it. For Teen Dream it was summer. Cue images of laying by Zürich Lake, swimming at the badi, walking down the streets of the Niederdorf, or taking in the hills of my village.

The performance last night ranks as one of the most solid gigs I’ve seen in quite some time. Although we arrived 20 minutes into the set (dang you, working dinner time on Tuesdays!!), I enjoyed every bit of what we were able to see. It’s impossible to do it justice, but I will attempt to describe the lead singer, Victoria’s, voice as heard live: rich, deep, soulful, some guys say sexy… filling, and warm enough to wrap around your shoulders. I’m hesitant to say she sounds better live. But her voice is so honest and genuine that it comes across incredibly when heard live.

Beach House blended old songs with new, created an almost soporific (in the best way possible) atmosphere, and even managed to incorporate the biggest disco ball I’ve ever seen. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that you can head-bang to these tunes. Victoria was throwing her head around like a maniac at some points, almost enough to rival Ratatat from the previous night. And the hair? Insanity! I wish I could have found some videos of her tossing that mane about.

I couldn’t decide which song I wanted to share, so I decided on two, tipp-topp quality tunes. Enjoy!


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