Dynamite Duo (plus a little nugget of excitement)

No, no, I’m not talking about the comedic brilliance that is Jill and I zusammen. What I’m referring to is the smashing combination of two Brooklyn natives combining forces to create Ratatat. Last night I was fortunate enough to see them at a local klub, Plaza. The fusing of Mike Stroud and Evan Mast has created a “psychedelic rock band.” These two masters rely on electronics, beats, and their obvious competency in running around the stage, vacillating between guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, etc. Accompanying their hip-swaying, head-bobbing tunes are streaming videos with a variety of visually stimulating images. Some videos were movie clips strung together, another one was of different body parts (eyes, hands, mouths) pulsating to beats from the song, but my favorites were of the birds. These videos were composed of multiple images of jerky, natural bird movements combined to make one fluid motion. It’s hard to describe, but the compilation was an excellent addition to the beats.

With their long, stringy, curly, hair the two men were quite a presence on stage. For as much as one dude remained still, the other moved. Bobbing, heaving, pulsing, slamming, and swaying; the guy just kept moving. If he wasn’t swinging his guitar around like a madman, he was taking swills from his bottle of Jägermeister, or doing back-bends that would impress any yogi.

I can’t help but wonder how so many people in Switzerland have heard of this duo from Brooklyn. They certainly aren’t mainstream and not necessarily an appeal-to-the-masses type of band, yet they are highly entertaining. The lights, the incredible volume of sound, the videos, and the ever-moving man–it was a show of constant stimulation.

Notice anything new on the blog? Maybe a little image on the side, perhaps? I’ll give you some time to look for it…

You found it! The website Go!Overseas compiles lists of the best blogs in countries from around the world. My comrade and overseas partner in crime, Jill, is featured as a top blog writer in Turkey. She absolutely deserves it. Her creative writing and hilarious stories always keep me entertained. Plus, she just has great things to say.

If you may allow me the indulgence of boasting for just a moment, I am excited to share that I have made this list for blogs in Switzerland (you can check out the list here). According to the staff on the site, Swisstina is full of “outstanding and high quality content.” Well, if you say so! But, honestly, I’m excited about it. I think this is the Interweb’s way of telling me to make a job out of writing. I mean, seriously. What could be better than getting myself in silly situations and telling other people about it? Where do I sign up?


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