I Love You, Matterhorn

Seriously, I do. I love this gigantic hunk of rock jutting into the sky, dwarfing all surrounding peaks. This mammoth mountain towers over Zermatt, a small village (read: exclusive ski resort where Snow Bunnies and Sugar Daddies abound) in the southern part of Switzerland. Neither Adam nor myself had been and knew we would be remiss in failing to see the magnificence of the Matterhorn.

When we arrived on Saturday we departed the train station eager to see Monte Cervino (In Italian). We begin  casually walking down the main street in Zermatt (cars are not allowed in order to keep the air as pure as possible [only in Switzerland…]) just taking in the sights, when BLAM!!


Just doing it's Matterhorn thing.



The mountain! It absolutely towers over the town. And it’s amazing. Every time it was obstructed from view and then came back into sight I was taken aback by it’s size and majesty (yeah, I said it). Never mind the fact that it looks cool! With it’s distinctly pyramidal shape and four sides representing the cardinal directions, it is easy to spot. And with an elevation of 14,692 ft. how could you not notice this beast?

According to my au pair friend, Whitney, it is essential to take the Gornergrat Rail, a small train that takes you to a record altitude of 3,100 meters, or just over 10,000 ft. The final destination of the line is the Gornergrat glacier, directly acorss from the Matterhorn. After settling down with a brew to do some serious people-watching, Adam and I headed up on the train. Funnily enough it was the last train of the day and would only allow us ten minutes at the top. This actually turned out to be a great thing since there was so much snow and ice at the top, not to mention a crazy-cold temperature. I don’t know what we would have done had we stayed any longer; we took our pictures, we saw der berg, and we froze our buns off. The rides up and down were definitely worth it, as was the view from the top. On our way down the sun was setting and casting incredible colors and shadows across the sky. I can say this with complete honesty: The sunset with the Matterhorn was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Awesome–in the true sense of the word.

I am an Alpine Woman!

An evening with the Matterhorn

I told my dad the word "awesome" was created after seeing this

The Matterhorn is the most photographed mountain in the word. I’m pretty sure we helped contribute to that number with all the shots we captured; this is the Matterhorn at 1:15; this is it at 2:29; here it is at 4:42. I just couldn’t get enough of that glorious peak. Mont Cervin (in French) is an official candidate for the New Seven Wonders of the World (who said there can only be seven?). The mountain’s unmistakable shape, it’s ability to change color based on the weather, and the fact that it is still growing are all reasons it has been nominated for such prestige. Certainly has my vote!

Oh you, silly Matterhorn.


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