So Much to Share!

This past weekend I ventured to the southern part of Switzerland to visit Zermatt and the much-famed Matterhorn. It was, no exaggeration, the most awesome (in the true sense of the word, inspiring awe) sight I have ever seen. Truly amazing. I will tell you all about more when I get some pictures from my partner in crime who came with me. He takes impeccable photos and I want to be able to post them here. OK, maybe just one little taste…

Ahh, Magnificence.

In the meantime, there are so many things I want to share with you. There’s really no cohesiveness to the bunch, so I figure I will just list them out. Make of it what you will.

  • Stumbled across a blog this morning while reading yet another blog. Dear Ex Girlfriend is dedicated to cathartics. Th author can write either incriminating and damning or apologetic and pining notes to girls from his past. I thought it was such a funny concept and after reading the two that are posted, the man proves to be a wee bit heartbroken, yet comical and lighthearted. A perfect middle-of-the-day, take-your-mind-off-of-things read.
  • Honestly, I should be hired to do publicity and marketing for Stuff White People Like. I feel like I am sharing samples from it all the time. This morning’s agenda is a perfect example of a tiny piece of my life. If I didn’t know it before I am convinced now, I work for White People.

    When Hilary Clinton said it takes a village to raise a child, she wasn’t kidding. She was talking about white children and she didn’t mean that it takes a full society to properly raise a child. She was actually talking about a small village in the Philippines* that produces the finest nannies in the world.

    Obviously, the presence of a nanny allows a white parent to return to work. But white people will still hire nannies even if one parent stays home.** This then enables the parent to focus on art, writing, or their consulting business. It also helps them avoid dealing with any gross things produced by the child, such as diaper messes or the aftermath of macaroni art.

    If you want to make a white person feel bad, just tell them that your mother was a nanny to a white family and that you are glad that at least one of you could have a happy childhood and a mom with a career.

    *or maybe the United States

    **unfortunately, true

  • Little Bean is slowly learning to potty-train (see above quotation). A pink, plastic, mini-potty has been sitting in the downstairs bathroom since my arrival. Perhaps just looking at it will inspire LB to whip off her diaper and give it a go. The grandma was encouraging her to give it a “go” (so to speak) this morning. LB removed everything from the waist down and first walked around the first floor, enjoying her new-found freedom. She then made her way on the teeny toilet and began to contemplate. Sensing something wasn’t right, she jumped up and ran out to the cabinet to find the keystone to the WC situation. She ran back into the bathroom and resumed her seat; sitting on her lap was a picture book. She crossed her legs and began flipping pages in her little book. I couldn’t help but explode with laughter at the sight. Apparently she’s inferred a thing or two based on the stacks of magazines left in there by the parents…
  • I went running on the treadmill this afternoon and this song came on my ipod. I had just created a new playlist for working out, aka mutating into a sweat monster. “Fader” came on and I was surprised to find how perfect it is for running and throwing around weights. There’s not much to say, other than I think it’s super upbeat and worth listening to while jogging, walking down the street, or doing as I later did: playing it through your speakers and dancing around your room like the dance machine you are born to be…with the curtains open.

One thought on “So Much to Share!

  1. “stacks of magazines left in their* by the parents…”


    I’m so glad you want to pursue a Masters degree in English and then teach people.

    Just keeping you honest 🙂

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