Guilty as Charged

My Stuff White People Like desk calender has been a source of joy to me each morning. I happen to love perforated edges and tearing off one sheet of paper is an odd, yet slightly exhilarating feeling. Not to mention the countdown effect it’s had on my stay here. Just looking at the calender in profile reminds me how long I’ve been here, and when I give myself time enough to think about it, my thoughts begin to wander to all the amazing things I’ve done.

As I’ve peeled away each layer of whiteness in a year’s worth of accusations, I’ve found myself laughing at just how true some of the “Stuffs” are. Coffee, tea, yoga, Apple Products, studying abroad, learning another language, ugly sweater parties, breakfast places, and hummus are just a few of my personal commonalities with other white folks. When I ripped off yesterday’s page and was presented with the magnificence of today I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I think you’ll see why.

Wednesday November 3:


Being white can be exhausting. In fact, it can be so tiring that many white people need to take a year off from their lives just to stay sane.

Some white people, burned from the exhausting six-hour days of high school, will put off college for a year to travel or work abroad. Others find that the combination of Victorian literature, constant pot smoking, and waking up at 11 a.m. is just too much and actually take off a year while they are in college. Finally, other white people will actually start a career and discover that showing up every day is just too difficult. So they quit their job and travel around the world.*

Some of the more enterprising white people will extend their time off by working abroad as a bartender, ski lift operator, or English teacher. Their stories, e-mails, and publishing plans will be identical to the previous white person but will include additional stories about working and complaints about “tourists.”


*Hmm, sounds like someone I know…

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