On My Train Ride Home

When I arrived in Wädenswil this afternoon, the stop where I change trains to get home, I took notice of the stunning scenery. Beside the frigid, unseasonably cool temperature, the day was beautiful. I snapped a few photos from the train as I made my way to my village.

The pond where I spent afternoons laying and reading when it was warm. Oh, the good ole days.

This the view from the top of my street, looking toward the lake.


Looking down my street. Check out that decline.

Beginning the ascent toward the train station.


4 thoughts on “On My Train Ride Home

  1. Has anyone else noticed the number of posts picking up lately. I’m assuming this is some side affect of both being excited to come home, and some little bit of remorse for the ending of an experience of a lifetime.
    – Junior psychologist Brother Starship Commander

    • Thank you for your wise observation. I notice myself just wanting to write more. And, yes, there is probably some part in me that wants to cram all this good stuff in before I go.

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