Before I write about the latest addition to my album collection I must share some very exciting news:I bought my ticket home last night!! Last week I asked the Mom if I could fly home a few days earlier than she had originally said so I could spend more time with family that was coming in town (Aunt Winnie and Uncle Ken, that’s you!). She said she would talk to the Dad and let me know. I didn’t get my hopes up as I figured I’d maxed out on favors. Yesterday morning, however, she informed me that I could fly home on the Saturday before Christmas. I made no hesitations on booking a flight so she couldn’t change her mind– I wanted the date set in stone. So, prepare yourselves. I will be arriving on Saturday, December 18th.

In relevant-to-the-title news, Kings of Leon released their latest album this week, Come Around Sundown. The band has come under heavy criticism for abandoning their gritty, Southern roots in favor of a main-stream and radio-friendly sound. I agree that their newer work sounds much more “clean” than their older, dirtier, harder music. Unlike many of their first fans, however, I actually prefer their more recent sound; the albums Because of the Times and Only by the Night are my favorites. And their latest is making its way toward the top of the list. But, I don’t think this makes them a sell-out. A band that is able to keep their integrity intact while maturing and evolving is simply following a natural course. Those who are upset about this evolution of KOL are the same people who write “Never change!” in high school yearbooks. It’s extremely difficult (not to mention unhealthy) to not change or grow. Personally, I think this awareness toward societal and musical trends shows that KOL is able to adapt to demand while still keep their distinct flare and penchant for southern rock. I’m very pleased with what I hear.

Below I included the first single from their album and the creation behind it. While I think it’s a great song, it’s not my favorite on the album. I don’t like to share my favorites right away, though. I’d like you to find your own first, and then we can compare notes. Enjoy!


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