American Night

When Maddie and I were Skyping the other day, she commented on the surreality of some of our emails. One in particular had me apologizing that I couldn’t chat with her last Friday because I would be in Istanbul. Of course I would be. What else would I be doing while living in Europe except visit as much of it as possible?

I’ll admit it, I have been up to some pretty awesome things lately: picking wine grapes in Italy, strolling through mosques and ancient palaces in Turkey, drinking wine directly from the source in Sierre, guzzling beer at the biggest party in the world, sun bathing on the beaches in Portugal. And that’s only in the last two months. Plus, I still have a couple more mini-breaks up my sleeve for the next two.

But, there are some things from home I can’t resist. One major player is pizza. Obviously Europe is home to some outstanding pies, yet they are distinct and unlike those that I grew up with. The love I’m talking about has a thicker crust (NOT Chicago-style, that’s too thick for my liking) with extra doughiness and gobs of sauce– I’m a big sauce fan. Pile on the toppings, serve it piping hot and I’m ready to devour. Last night I was so lucky to partake in this delicious pleasure. A Domino’s Pepperoni Passion Pizza (What?! Is that even legal?), size 40cm, along with a side of cheesy bread was mine for the feasting.

Before you begin to call Over-eaters Anonymous know that I wasn’t alone. I had a partner in crime: Adam. And thankfully he enjoys the all-time best pizza side ever, Ranch. How did I acquire said condiment of the Gods in Switzerland? Well, a special lady, who knows who she is, sent me a couple packets of mix that I could combine with sour cream, (which I actually found!) to create this staple. And what’s ever greater about this story? She doesn’t even like it! And yet, she knew how important it was and still sent it over. Must be true friendship. You are my friend, you are my friend….

It was a taste of America that I most happily accepted. This was out-of-this-world good and necessary. To honor of this If You Only Had One Food to Eat for the Rest of Your Life meal I chose the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I’ve been really digging this song lately and it’s become a bit of a go-to. Only two months and I’m there…

Jill, sorry you can’t play this video as I know how much you like the tune. At least you have three copies on your computer.


One thought on “American Night

  1. LOLz. I was thinking, “I wish I could watch that video” and then got the zweimal blog shoutout. I think I must be famous! I also broke into a cold sweat thinking about the ranch (shudder). Woof! But I’m glad you enjoyed it (and frankly, glad you didn’t consume it in my presence).

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