Let it Snow, Let it Snow…What the Heck?!

It’s official. I’ve spotted my first snow here in the village. I was standing with my friend Crystal this morning at the train station, waiting to head into town, and asked her to confirm the appearance of snow just up the hill. She said, “Actually, I think that’s frost.” Upon further inspection, I have decided it is undoubtedly snow (Sorry, Crystal, I don’t mean to call your meteorological skills into question.) If further proof was needed, perhaps the mountains just past Rapperswil could be called into evidence. They have a healthy level of snow covering their peaks, as do the mountains further on.

This snow is about as welcome as Christmas music on November 1st, which to be honest, I am so happy to be missing this year. As I type this it is freezing-raining outside and a fine layer of ice is accumulating on my bathroom skylight. This is actually a pleasant coincidence, as this window provides a perfect porthole for the neighbors behind our house to view me showering. Why the host parents never put a shade or at least a “frosted” effect on this particular window, I will never know.

I suppose these are the realities of living in der Schweiz. It still doesn’t make it any easier to be slammed with this, as Courtney would say, “sick-nasty” weather.


2 thoughts on “Let it Snow, Let it Snow…What the Heck?!

  1. YOU KNOW HOW UPSET I GET ABOUT MY NOT HAVING A SKIP-IT! What to rub it in, blog style. haha And I had a metal slammer which definitely made a big difference and won me a lot of Pink Power Ranger pogs. (These were won whilst using my pog playing board–a ying-yang. In a word, awesome.)

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