She’s HERE!!

After eight and a half months of almost-painful anticipation, Courtney has finally arrived in Switzerland!! Our reunion at the airport was “just like a movie,” as Courtney said. When she walked through the doors I (maybe) yelped a little and she says, to the pleasure of all other patrons waiting for loved ones, “I’M HERE!” A few paces later and we are embracing. Tears spring into my eyes as I can’t believe I can finally hold this sweet little angel of mine. Courtney says, “I feel like we are in a movie and everyone’s watching.” This is true; everyone was watching. But, I didn’t mind a bit. I’m just so darn happy to see her. Currently she is taking a little (power)cat nap on my bed before we venture out and begin exploring.

As we have a full itinerary for the week, I will be away. On Wednesday we head to Istanbul, Turkey to visit Jill and do some sightseeing, maybe even jump into Asia for a moment. Very much looking forward to checking out the city, and of course, reconnecting with the other member of my two-man Comedy Troupe (the “e” on the end adds a touch of class, no?).

I promise to write about my last week in Italy in the near future. But for now, just imagine Courtney and I frolicking through the hills continually escalating to absurdity.


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