Too Wild

This week I had a chance to catch up with mom, dad, and Courtney– all three at different times. Each one told me about the spectacular weekend spent in Manhattan in each others company. The football game was great (GO CATS!), the required Little Apple Brewery dinner was fantastic, and everyone had a solid time. Minus one little intruder, Mother Nature. Apparently a behemoth storm blew through Kansas and postponed the game and put people in a mild state of panic. Why? This was a most intense looking storm. Dad said it was nuts and he hadn’t seen anything like it. Mom said it was a big one, but she was napping during the game, so who really knows. Courtney said she had “never seen the sky like that in my whole life.” This one sounded fierce. I was obviously intrigued. Courtney then sent me a link to the Kansas City Star so I could check out a photo of this sucker. Sure enough, the sky looked as if the world was going to end.

Cut to later in the evening when I am on the train headed into town for a concert. I’m flipping through the Blick am Abend, a daily paper that features stories of interest as well as important truths like horoscopes and Singles adverts. Naturally this paper is written in German but I still like to flip through it as I can decipher about every sixth word and, more accurately, like to look like I fit in with my Deutsch sprachen comrades. The best part about this paper is the photo spread in the middle. It always features extreme or wild and crazy pictures from around the world. Since photos conveniently speak every language I can understand them. I think you can guess where this story is headed…

I flip the paper open to the photo spread and there it is!!!

The caption for the photo likens it to a scence in "Independence Day"

My university town made the news in Switzerland! I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to run around the train and tell everyone that that was where I went to school. Of course, I would probably be immediately deported due to insanity, but still. This is was so cool. Obvious Nerd Alert: I cut out the photo just so I could show it to you. And the Kansans who read this little blog can be proud that we are making world news, one wall cloud at a time.

As for the concert, it was tipp topp super. We saw Junip, a three-person band from Sweden. They’ve been together for over ten years, but took a little hiatus, during which time lead singer, José González, completed a couple solo albums on his own. It was a great show. The venue, Exil was perfect– small, intimate, and listener friendly. And the band was excellent. They worked so well as a unit and managed to sound clean and put-together, which are sometimes absent in a live show. One could tell they’ve spent a great deal of time together perfecting their craft. It’s an indie-rock sound with none of the pretense that sometimes follows such bands. I would definitely recommend checking them out.

I went to another concert last Friday that was just as great, but a completely different experience. Joanna Newsom passed through Zurich as a Switzerland exclusive. Any chance to see someone play the harp and I’m going to take it. It’s such an impressive instrument, especially in this case as Joanna is a tiny, elfish girl. Her sound is completely unique and defies what it means to be a 20-something singer in the 21st century. Accompanied by five other members playing varying instruments from the violin to the banjo to the drums, Joanna and company performed what felt like more of a recital than a concert. Still, the control required for her to manipulate her voice in her special way as well as handle the harp with such grace was wonderful to witness. I had only heard one song of hers (the one noted below) before going, and now I am definitely a fan. A peculiar sound indeed, but again, worth a listen or two or nine…


One thought on “Too Wild

  1. Just so you know, I was awake and outside when the sky looked so ominous ! I took my nap after the “all-clear” !! 🙂 It really was scary-looking.

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