Classy Lady

Last night I had a chance to do yet another thing I have been wanting to do in Zürich. I feel like lately I have been all over crossing things off my au pair Bucket List (too morbid?) and it’s making me feel quite satisfied. A recent au pair arrival, Rachel, has super special contacts at the Zürich Opernhaus. Her host mom is the first chair violinist and Concert Director at the Opera House (Rachel, if this is wrong, please correct me!). Therefore, she has an “in” to most shows. I jumped at the opportunity when she mentioned Wednesday night that there was a show for the following evening. A night out? Getting dressed up? Acting like an adult? Count me in!

The Opernhaus is said to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. After seeing it last night I can understand how it got such a prestigious declaration. A small, intimate space, the opera house has beautiful red velvet chairs, gold carvings, and Romantic paintings covering many facades. I was immediately impressed when I walked in. It’s simply a space that demands attention.

Incredible sound radiating from the pit.

Adam, Rachel, and I had seats in our very own box on the right side of the theater. The birds-eye view of the orchestra was spectacular and being so close to the stage was a treat as well. The show was Der Freischütz, and while I can’t say I know much about classical music, I thought it was a great performance. It was the experience that meant the most, though. Anything that involves me having champagne ranks pretty high on my list– I tell you, I’m not tricky to please. I’m looking forward to hopefully attending more shows; I would especially like to see a ballet. Look at me, getting all cultured and stuff. Don’t hide it, I know you’re impressed.

Feeling swanky at the Opera. And in fancy dress!

My new friend, Rachel.


2 thoughts on “Classy Lady

  1. How generous of Rachel and what a great looking couple you and Adam make 🙂 The opera house looks absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

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