Childcare and the City

I’m on a dangerous path. Saturday night I re-discovered all six seasons of Sex and the City on DVD. I watched these back in February when my seasonal depression was in full-force and I was having trouble remembering my own name. Whilst perusing the DVDs in the workout room/body-dumping zone in the basement over the weekend I found this ultimate jackpot and settled in for an evening of watching my New York City besties. It was supposed to be just that, one night. Like an addict, I couldn’t stop with just one disc, let alone one episode. I am currently on a steady diet of two episodes a day–minimum.

Now I feel like I should be sipping cocktails and sharing my woes with my girlfriends at the local coffee shop. I want to start complaining about my apartment going co-op or the down-right madness that is attempting to hail a taxi during rush hour. All the while adjusting the straps on my Monolos and smoothing out my D&G dress. Incidentally, when I met up for drinks with a few girls last night, there were a few minor differences. First of all, I took the train in. Forget taxis. Cabbing into the city would approximately cost me the price of a small country. Rater than a trendy Cosmopolitan (which I don’t even like, anyway) I was sipping from a 1 dl clear, plastic cup. The contents? Pourings from a 6.90 Fr. bottle of wine I bought at Edi’s– a take-away bar that happens to share real-estate with an “Adult” movie theater. Needless to say the art work on the walls is quite a conversation starter. Au pairs have become so infamous at said establishment that we are not allowed to even stay on the premises to consume our happy meal. Thus, our young and hip troop found a platz under the tree outside of Grössmunster Cathedral.

To recap: SATC women drinking bazillion- dollar cocktails at waiting-list clubs and bars, talking about urban trivialities and living the “high life.” Au Pairs sipping basement-price wine, some straight from the bottle, discussing the best ways to keep our kiddos occupied with the minimal amount of effort and laughing through our purple teeth. Quite a difference between the two scenes. But for now, I’m actually quite happy where I am.


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