“24” noch ein mal

This weekend I was treated to another solid 24 hours with the kiddos, all by my lonesome. The parents were in Zermatt for a business weekend, which left me with the rugrats. When mentally preparing for events such as this I find it useful to plan for the worst. I begin to think of the weekend as the most miserable I will ever face. In this way I set myself up only to be surprised at what a success it turns out to be. This weekend was no exception. I had grand illusions that I would be plotting ways to flee the house without the children (and eventually the parents) noticing; I imagined clawing at my face in an attempt to escape reality. All this in the hopes of concluding the weekend on a pleasant note, shocked at how well-behaved my little angels were.

The kids were dog-tired when I started my shift on Saturday. After a lunch, in which Rapunzel was so exhausted she sat with tears streaming down her face because she no longer had the strength to turn off her own waterworks, we all went for a much-needed two-hour nap. Hard as it was to do, I managed to rouse the kids enough to go outside in the afternoon for fresh air. We rode bikes and drew with sidewalk chalk. Rapunzel and Taz wanted to draw the outline of my body in chalk and then color it in, effectively dressing me up in outfits far more fashionable than my leggings and zip-up. After we finished, the courtyard looked like a crime scene, dotted with bodies in various positions. I looked a little worse-for-wear as Little Bean didn’t understand the assignment and preferred to instead draw all over my person rather than the ground. The rest of the night passed rather uneventfully and the kids were grateful for a carb-heavy meal (think simple sugar coma), a Barbie movie, and an early bedtime.

Sunday morning came über early when Rapunzel woke me up at 6:20. She asked if it was time to get up. I promptly sent her back to bed and told her not to show her face until after 7:00, preferably 8:00. She showed up at 7:15 and began stroking my arm and whispering my name to wake me up. She often does this and it always creeps me out. I usually wake up with a start and am a little horrified to find her looming over me, petting my exposed arm that’s carelessly flung out to the side. The rest of the morning was a mix of catering to Little Bean who is once again sick. The sweet baby angel’s fever sky-rocketed and I called the Mom to see what I could do. She instructed me to encourage her to drink plenty of water and to administer, get this, two suppositories. Come again? I have to do what?! I have never given suppositories before and I wasn’t anticipating becoming a member of the elite groups of moms who do stuff like this. I don’t what it is over here, but they love those things. The kids are getting them all the time when they’re sick. The rest of the day passed rather uneventfully and the grandma showed up at 2:00 to take over. I was finished. That was that; certainly not a painful experience. This whole setting rock-bottom expectations may have something to it…

With my free time in the afternoon I decided to hit the running path by the lake. I’m slowly re-introducing myself to exercise (“Fitness, this is Kristina, Kristina, this is Fitness…) after weeks off my regular routine. Yesterday was gorgeous and I knew I had to be outside. I walked and ran along the lake and eventually made my way to Hurden, where the footbridge stretching across the narrowest part of Lake Zürich connects to Rapperswil. At 841 meters, it also happens to be the longest footbridge in Switzerland and used to be a part of a very important pilgrimage to Einsiedeln, where the Black Madonna lives. I’ve been wanting to walk across it for quite some time as I’ve seen it for months and have never tackled it. Yesterday was the perfect day for this and I’m glad to be able to cross another “want-to-do” off my list.

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