So Fresh

I haven’t been feeling top-notch these last few days as I was hit hard with whatever sickness is floating around the two-year-olds in this community. A stuffy nose, queasy tummy, pounding head, and feeling of total exhaustion are my symptoms. Sounds like fun, no? I’ve been back in bed these last few days, resting as much as possible to restore my poor self back to health. I just can’t seem to catch a break. I’ve got a big weekend ahead of me– all three kids, by myself. Yes, the stories will run rampant.

Hot off the cutting room floor! My friend Adam has a “Burst” setting on his camera, which allows him to take several pictures in rapid-fire succession. To say we took advantage of this setting in Portugal would be an understatement. Before going out to dinner on our second night, Allie, Phil, Adam, and I made a dance party in the living room of our apartment and put his camera to the test. Adam then made a video showcasing the righteous photos that were taken. The background song is the one I chose to get my groove on–we each could choose a tune to inspire greatness. It’s impossible not to move your hips while you listen. Just sitting here in bed typing this I can hardly contain myself. Enjoy watching us bust a move! (Be sure to watch it in Full HD 720p for highest quality awesome).

Song: “Baby I’m Yours” by BreakBot


3 thoughts on “So Fresh

  1. i cannot stop laughing! this video has brought such joy to my life. this portugal trip just got seventy thousand times cooler in my opinion.

  2. I love to watch you dance! Takes me back to drill team days 🙂 You all look like you’re having lots of fun…”good times, good times”.

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