A Taste of Home

Through a magical intervention and precise alignment of the stars I managed to meet two people here in Zurich that lived in Kansas City. Since March we have been able to reminisce about our favorite eateries, old haunts, and “best things to do” in Killer City. Having this constant reminder of home has made the transition of living in a completely new city a wee bit easier. Recently one of my cronies, Phil, moved back to KC. Today he passed along an article highlighting the transformation our city has gone through. The New York Times piece presents a 36-hour agenda, a guide to help one navigate  new hot spots as well as the tried and true.It was great to read about places I frequent myself–if I don’t get some Okie Joe’s in me sometime soon, I might just lose it!–and also new joints I’d like to check out (Extra Virgin, Sherry Leedy— yes please). Living in Switzerland no doubt is amazing, but there are few things that beat the comforts of home.

As of late I have been on a new music bender, both giving and receiving. One band I can’t stop listening to is The Helio Sequence. They were offered to me by geniuses at itunes, who Thought I Might Like them based on previous purchases. Like them, I do. After the first run-through I felt like I had been listening to them for ages. It’s easy and effortless. Each song has a very unique sound, yet somehow the album comes together as a whole, making a pleasing compilation.


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