The Time Has Come, the Walrus Said

Actually, it was my host parents who said it, but yes, it’s time for more holiday. Finally, I get to see my family. It simultaneously feels like forever and yesterday that I said goodbye to my parents; ages ago since I saw Matt and Courtney at dinner. Today I will travel to Dublin and I cannot wait to see them. I’m jumping out of my skin. I’m psyched out of my mind. I’m going a million miles a minute. Tired of my hyperboles? We batted around a few ideas of where to go, and ended up deciding on a UK tour: we start in Dublin, hit a few more spots in Ireland, scoot on over to Scotland for Edinburgh and Glasgow, and wrap things up in Manchester. At this point it doesn’t even matter where we go as long as I can soak up as many good times with my next of kin as possible. For the next 9 days I will be cruising around with them, relishing in a reprieve from the family that is more than welcome.

Following this small slice of heaven I will commence holiday with the family at their other home in Portalban, on Lake Neuchâtel. I’ve never been to this little cottage, but I’ve heard it described as rustic, charming, quaint, and teeny-weeny/itty bitty. It will be a tight squeeze with all of us in there, but I’ve always been fond of the lake so I believe it will be a nice time. I’ll be here for just shy of two weeks, drinking in the solitude and “getting back to nature.” I guess the Internet is rather slow so I won’t even bother with my computer. Technology and I had a little talk and we agreed that it would be best if we took a break; re-evaluated our relationship.

Finally, to wrap up my 4 weeks of holiday, I will be heading to Portugal for a week with some friends. We’ve made plans to stay in Lisbon for a few days and then cruise down to the southern coast, the Algarves region. Here, the most strenuous activity I plan on doing is flipping from my tummy to my back in the hot, hot sun. To say that I am looking forward to this week of zero obligations would be an understatement. It’s just what I”ll need before beginning another couple of months without a holiday.

So. I will be out and about for the next several weeks and I’m not sure when I’ll be back to update. There will be the odd day or two when I have access to this device we call the InterWeb, but I can’t promise anything. Hopefully I can throw some pictures up here and a crazy story or five. I’ve set up a few songs here that I’ve been drawn to recently. Some are old and some are new, but hopefully they will keep your toes tapping. Bis Später! Tschüss!!


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