Memory Making

This weekend we were supposed to go to Laax to celebrate the beginning of the summer holiday. The Dad threw his back out last weekend trying to pick up Taz, however, and he’s been feeling sore all week. The parents decided we better stay here this weekend, which is alright by me. I was actually not looking forward to going there as I will be out of Zürich for about 4 straight weeks and I wanted to soak up as much time here as possible. Instead of hitting the road, we hit the lake. The family has a nice little Bryant boat (ya America!) that we cruised around on. We dropped anchor near the island by Rapperswil and lazily swam. At one point I was sitting on the back of the schiff, absorbing as much vitamin-D as possible and I noted to the Mom how picturesque it was. Here we were sitting on the boat looking out over the lake to a little piece of the Alps. I wish I had my camer so I could share the view with you all, but rest assured it was sightly. I missed out on an epic weekend down at the Ozarks with my family and some of Courtney’s friends last weekend and was feeling pretty jealous of their lake time. I’m glad I finally made it out on the water, albeit and much, much cleaner and safer body of water.

On weekends when I work and we stay here I am usually responsible for waking up with the kids, getting them breakfast, and entertaining them until their parents decide to grace us with their presence. At 7:4o this morning I heard Taz yell from his room a floor below mine, “KRIIIIISSTIIIIIIIIINAAAAAA. I want to wake up NOOOOOOOWWWWW!” Ich komme, ich komme. After a morning of yogurt, bread, Wheatabix, and chocolate milk followed by painting, playing “shop,” and listening to stories on tape, the Dad suggested we go outside for bike riding. This is fine with me, except for the fact that Rapunzel still cannot ride a bike by herself. She’s 7. I learned to ride a bike when I was 4. She also cannot swim, which is depressing. She’s just so scared of everything and has no real desire to learn. The Dad asked if I would take them outside to ride bikes, and Rapunzel says, “Yeah, and you can help me learn how to ride one.” Uh, no. I count my dad teaching me to ride a bike as one of my favorite memories with him. There is no way I am going to take that away from them. I kindly suggest that her dad should really be helping her with this. So out we all go to the courtyard. The Dad helps for a little while and then goes off for a run. She’s got it down pretty well and can make it about 2o feet before freaking out, stopping the bike, and mixing her features into a worried state. She also has to “make a break” every five minutes and guzzle my water because it’s such hard work. I encourage her to keep trying, offering my bits of wisdom on how to control the velo. Fast forward 30 minutes and the girl is riding around pretty darn well. Rapunzel wants to go get her Mom and show her what she’s learned. I agree that this is a great idea. She goes in, grabs her mom, and comes back out. The Mom says to me, “Well, I guess she wants me to watch her ride her bike. Hmm.” Yeah, this is so weird. Your daughter wants you to be a part of her childhood. She’s crazy! The Mom watched for less than five minutes and went inside. It breaks my heart to watch these kids work so hard for affection and not see much of it.

I feel like I am witnessing so many memory-making experiences and I am not even a blood member of the family. Sometimes I feel so out of place. Do they ever feel strange having this extra person a part of their traditions and family time? Does it ever get old?

On another, more positive note. I came across this video and, to use a Jill-worthy double-negative, couldn’t NOT show it to as many people as possible. I don’t know why, but I think it’s hilarious when guys do girl voices and impressions and this scene ranks as one of the funniest. If you have the time, watch it all the way through because the end is ridiculous.


2 thoughts on “Memory Making

  1. That video is absolutely hilarious!.. I’m glad you talked me into watching the whole thing.

    It really is sad that the family is not more invested in their own children. Maybe its.. more of an American thing?

    Your blog is wonderful and was a huge inspiration for mine! I would love to see more pictures, as I am visiting Europe vicariously through you and Kaitlin. 🙂

  2. So I just caught myself up on your blog. First, I’d like to say that it’s refreshing to know that other au pairs have frustrations with the family as well. Mine are geared toward the kids (I love my host parents), but still….it’s annoying nonetheless. I know what you mean about not really being part of the family…but always being here. I like the quote about the small shop.

    Also, great picture from a few posts ago from our dancing extravaganza!!! 🙂

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