Happy Independence Day!

Zürich promised a good weekend and it certainly delivered. Zürifäscht was a b-last and a great stand-in for a 4th of July celebration. On Friday afternoon I headed down to Badi Utoquai (a bathhouse that sits on the lake) with some friends to find reprieve from the the seemingly incessant heat. Now I would much rather be hot than cold and when it comes to winter, especially the worst month ever, Ferbruary, I can be quite a baby about it. But, with the distinct lake of air conditioning just about everywhere it’s almost impossible to feel completely cooled off. So, naturally a dunk in the lake was exactly what was in order. After Kaitlin joined the crew we headed back to meet with more friends and commence celebration. That evening we saddled up at a bar along the lake and tuned in for World Cup viewing. After the game we walked around the hundreds of stalls lining the streets and river and took in all the visual stimuli, which culminated with a tremendous fireworks extravaganza. The fireworks were timed with music and made the show even more exciting. I expected nothing less from the Swiss and will have a hard time going back to the displays at the Four Seasons, sorry Lake Ozark.

Aerial shot of the Women's Badi

Saturday delivered even more heat, so it was back to the Badi for the afternoon. Six of us found a platz on the one of the docks and proceeded to vacillate between the dock and the high dive for the afternoon. After unwinding and preparing for the evening, we headed back out to the streets to find some grub. The most difficult part of this task was deciding what would be the most delicious. I settled on a giant hunk of pig that we saw roasting over flames earlier in the day. It was out-of-control good. There is something so right about street food. We walked, ate and took in more of the sights until the Fireworks Extravaganza pt. 2 took place. The funniest part about it was the 10 minute introduction before the show. Both a woman and man come on over the loud speaker to detail the next 20 minutes’ proceedings. Obviously it was in German but mostly went to the tune of, “We are about to share with you something that will both please and delight you. Enjoy.” At the risk of making a gross generalization, it is very typical of the Swiss to prepare you for something only moments beforehand. Heaven forbid we be taken off guard by explosives in the sky. Immediately following the show our gang proceeded to start the Greatest Dance Part of all Zürifäscht. 60s, 70s, and 80s hits dominated the Rivella tent and no one could stop the fever that was burning inside us. Jill and Phil started the party, and at one point entertained the entire tent with a lip-syncing musical snack to “I’ve Had the Time of My Life,” which obviously we were in the midst of having. At one point I found myself at the head of a Conga line that snaked throughout the space and had a significant number of participants. Two and a half hours later and my dogs were barkin’! It was time to call it quits, at an impressive 3 a.m. Although it wasn’t a typical 4th of July day/weekend it was definitely a holiday weekend that will go down as one of my favorites. It was another one of the those moments that remind me why I came over here in the first place. Times like this weekend make all the days that grind my gears worth it.

The six greatest dancers in all the land--Allie, Kaitlin, Phil, Jill, Me, Adam


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