Sharing chapstick is probably how I ended up sick

WANTED: One little girl, trolling around the house, most often found riffling through personal items, such as, but not limited to: purses, rucksacks, pockets, drawers, etc. She has curly, wild-baby hair, ice blue eyes, and answers to the moniker “Little Bean.” Will frequently be yelling for someone named, “Dia.”

Taz has been with his grandparents in Italy for the past week and doesn’t come home until Wednesday. This means that Little Bean and I have had a lot of bonding time. It also means that I have had the easiest week of all time. She sleeps until 9 or 9:30 and after that we sit around the house and play and go for walks. The other morning I brought her up to my room so I could switch out my glasses for contacts and I left her in my room while I went into my bathroom. When I came back the picture above is what I saw. She has a tendency to go through my things when left unattended. Like any little girl she loves playing with “big girl” things, which include my purses and shoes. There have been numerous occasions when I’ve found her running around downstairs in my shoes, carrying whatever bag I have left by the door. As of yet, she hasn’t taken anything out and permanently displaced it, so I feel fortunate.

On this particular day though she was so funny. She pulled out all the items of my bag and lined them up on the floor. She then proceeded to “use” each item; smearing my Burt’s Bees all over her face, opening my wallet, holding the cell phone up to her face, flipping through my German books, and wiping her nose with Kleenexes.

Little Bean itemizing the contents of my purse

Just last weekend I caught a pretty nasty cold. On Friday afternoon I was feeling more tired than usual and had that little scratch in the back of my throat that no amount of water can seem to erase. By Saturday morning it felt as though 45 little sledge hammers were working their way around the inside of my skull, paying special attention to my sinus region. Due to a steady pill-popping regimen I was able to get rid of the headache and accompanying fever, but the runny nose has persisted. I wonder when there will be a day when I don’t have to blow my nose. I will refrain from detailing you any more with the aspects of my illness, but I will say that kids are germ havens, so I’m not terribly surprised I got sick. If this is what LB is doing when I’m looking who knows what’s happening when I turn my back.

I mean, how can I even be mad at her?


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