Green Thumb

"I'm so thirsty," it says.

This is the plant that lives in my bathroom. It has lived there since before I arrived. I have never watered this plant. I have been here for five months. I’m not sure how I neglected to water it, other than the fact that it was a piece of the room that I always subconsciously knew was there but to which I didn’t actually give any consideration. Last night as I was brushing my teeth in preparation for slumber I finally saw this plant and realized what a sad piece of nature it was. I stripped off 18 dead leaves–yes, I counted–threw them away and gave it it’s first thirst-quenching, life-giving drink in a long time. As of now it’s a pretty ugly little thing, but I will certainly keep you updated on it’s rebirth.

It’s the same way with the bamboo plant that sits on my desk. It took 7 weeks for me to realize that maybe I should give that sucker some water. Seriously. It was when Mom came to visit and we were sitting at my desk talking to Dad on Skype when I actually noticed it was there. Bamboo plants are frighteningly easy to maintain, so it would be incredibly embarrassing if I killed one. I water it roughly every 3-4 weeks and it has yet to wilt (and I’m 99% sure it isn’t plastic). The interesting bit is that Mom and Dad are both excellent gardeners. Our yard turns into some thing Better Homes & Gardens would be proud to display on their glossy pages. I don’t know what happened to me, but I don’t think I possess the gene for bringing beauty through plants. I remember once helping mom plant Snap Dragons in the backyard and snapping one in half as I was putting it in the ground. Thankfully, Mom wasn’t looking so I just shoved it down in the soil, completely unattached from the root, silently praying it would magically grow. A few weeks later, I’m pretty sure Mom wondered allowed why that flower was dead. “Hmm, yeah, that sure is strange. Best not to pay too much attention to it.” –Sorry, Mom, I don’t think I ever told you that.

Unrelated Nugget of the Day: The Mom and I have been talking recently about what my plans are for when I finish here. She is encouraging me to look for a position as a teacher here as they are always looking for native English speakers and people who actually have a degree in teaching. On Friday she sent me an email with links to all the International Schools in Zurich and the surrounding area. Yesterday morning I sent out about a half dozen emails to the schools inquiring about ways to get involved and/or position openings. I got a call from the primary school in Pfäffikon in the afternoon. Unfortunately the kind lady informed me they have no current openings and that I should check back in March for more information. She also told me that because I have an “L” permit I am unable to even be a substitute teacher, as they would need to supply me with their own work permit. Arg. But, I will not be discouraged! The chances of me staying here are slim, but it doesn’t hurt to look. Plus, after talking to Dad the other day I am reminded of the very real possibility of there not being jobs available in the States anytime soon. That Comedy Troupe with Jill is looking better and better every day…


3 thoughts on “Green Thumb

  1. The plant’s name is Virginia, and she was there when I showed up, too. Aw, poor Virginia…

    You are doing far better with the bamboo than I ever did. Kudos! This was also there when I showed up….I’m wondering if these were the Mrs.’s touches, or those of a previous au pair? Hm.

  2. I actually killed the CACTUS in my room. It’s still there. I’m too embarrassed to throw it out so I just try to hide it behind things. I didn’t know a cactus could wilt, but they can and do. Maybe we can add this bit into our comedy routine?

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