Happy Father’s Day!

I love you dad, you are amazing. The dedication you have to your family is unlike any I have ever seen. You work so tremendously hard to make things possible for our family. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done and continue to do, not only for me, but for just about everyone you know. You don’t know a stranger and are eager to help those in need. Thank you for not only teaching me, but for showing me exactly what generosity looks like. You have such a servant’s heart; it has always been inspiring. You are an incredible father and I am so blessed to have you in my life. You deserve a Father’s Day that is as incredible as you are. All my love xxo

I wish I could be at home to celebrate Father’s Day. I like this day because it usually consists of us all grilling out somewhere, and honestly what is better than meat, flames, and the outdoors? In honor of the day I will share some of my favorite memories and pastimes with my pops.

  • Dad teaching me a to ride a bike at our old house. It was after a big afternoon lunch and I asked him about 25 times if his food had settled enough yet for him to run around with me.
  • Flash forward 10 years to Dad teaching me to drive a car. I did continuous backward figure-8s in parking lots so I could learn how to handle and control my car. Thankfully he didn’t slam on an imaginary brake pedal like Mom did : )
  • Going on church mission trips. He became famously known as Ricardo by the LYLAS girls and even has a dance move named after him. I loved having Dad along on those trips.
  • Father-Daughter dances at Liz Kelley Dance Recitals. Watching Dad stumble around on stage each week at practice and then finally for the big show made all the cheesy moves worth it.
  • Camping and fishing trips when we were younger. I may not be the world’s most rugged gal but I do like to camp. The time when a raccoon came scratching and hissing at my tent in the middle of the night really sticks out, although I know there were better times in there.
  • Going down the lake. Being out on the boat and coving out, waverunning, any kind of meat in the smoker, watching fireworks on holiday weekends, and hanging around on the dock are still some of my favorite times.
  • K-State football games. Tailgating before the game, screaming in the stands, the requisite snacks at halftime, and the celebratory dinner and beer (or two, or three) are all apart of the package deal. GO CATS!
  • Talking on Skype, even if it’s just for 5 or 10 minutes. I like catching up with Dad and hearing how things are going, although I usually do most of the talking. And we talk most frequently after I have just finished working out so I am a little out of sorts.
  • Most recently, skiing the Swiss Alps. Nothing made me feel better than knowing I helped one of Dad’s dreams come true. The day was horrible for skiing, but that didn’t stop us from attacking the slopes.

My Dad is awesome. His “take on the world” mentality has led me to do some amazing things, such as moving across the world becoming an au pair. He is always encouraging us to go for the “extra credit” and to “go big or go home.” Even if he doesn’t know it, he has pushed me to do better, be better, and achieve more. I am grateful for the sense of adventure I got from him and my drive to experience new things. Thank you Dad for being one of a kind. Have a wonderful day!

I love you Dad!

This song always makes me think of you. Sounds of my youth.


2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Thanks hon. Very touching for me too. Yes, I remembered all those times and how meaningful they were for me too, how priceless they all are. What a great song to end with, you will always be forever yong. And you will always be ” My little girl” At your wedding we will dance to ” I lovered her first”.
    Well, I could go on and on. You know how much I love you too and always will.
    Thanks for making my day. Love you more, Dad.

  2. Let’s compare and contrast shall we?

    Once I wrote about the underdogs my dad had given me as a child on our swingset while he was mowing the lawn. It was such a big memory for me, whilst he had forgotten what an underdog was.

    I choose your dad’s response! haha

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