Dude Looks Like a Lady

Being a boy with an older sister must make growing up kind of tough. Naturally, the older sister wants to take care of the younger sibling and encourage him to play her favorite games. Often times these games might include playing dress up and dancing. Rapunzel happens to be a straight-up Girly Girl. She loves all things princessy, flowery, pinky, and basically feminine. When I first arrived I thought this would not bode well for Taz. He would probably be coerced into being a ballerina with Rapunzel, waltzing and twirling around the house. Or perhaps they would be fairies spreading dust and magical powers throughout the rooms. And in fact, these are all things they routinely do. At first I felt bad for him. Surely he did not want this fate. But the more I have gotten to know him and play with him I’ve discovered he actually really likes it. And now that he and Little Bean have so much time to play with each other in the mornings he is encouraging her to do these activities as well.

There have been numerous mornings when I have found myself playing with two princesses and only one is actually a girl. Or, if I need the two wee ones have to come up to my room so I can get something, the first place Taz runs is my closet. He then commences to pull out all my shoes and put them on while dancing around. The best is when he has a dress on AND my shoes. He looks fantastic. I’ve already told you about his love for dancing. Just yesterday I walked up to my room in Laax and found him dancing to music coming from my computer. Turns out he’s figured out how to work itunes as well as the volume controls. He had pumped the music up and was throwing his body around in ways that would make any rhythmic dancer jealous. True to form he was in a lime green dress with a built in tutu and was wielding a wand. Today over lunch the Mom ran to get her camera so she could show me the dancing circus the kids had yesterday afternoon while I was out on a run. The vast majority of them were action shots of Taz bustin’ a move. The kid has skillz, there’s no denying it.


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