At a Loss for Words

Yesterday I was presented with a question that I was not prepared to handle. I like to think I have pretty good response time and if I don’t exactly know the answer, I will either admit that or make something up (only with the kids, you see). But in this instance the question directly related to the recreational habits of cows. Let me explain…

I took Taz and Little Bean to pick up Rapunzel from school. As I have mentioned before there are cows everywhere. I think it is kind of ironic that I’ve spent my entire 23 years living in a predominantly farm/livestock-friendly state and managed to have little or no contact with either one. Yet, I move on the other side of the world and if the alarm clock doesn’t wake me up the sweet sound of a cowbell surely will. There are cows, horses, sheep, and goats all within a stone’s throw.

So, yesterday we are all walking home from school and Rapunzel, who was lingering behind as usual, comes running up to me. “Kristina, Kristina! I just saw two cows and one was behind the other and it had it’s arms around it like so (mimes a hug from behind). What were they doing?” Oh, golly. Hmm, let’s see…I guess they were…well, it’s just that…great that you brought that up…maybe, uh…when a bull and a heifer love each other–no, no, that’s not right*. “Well, Rapunzel, cows are silly just like people and they really like to play games too. I bet they looked pretty funny then.” She looked at me thoughtfully and then started to giggle, “Yes, they did look funny. (Pause for effect) I love cows.” Ok, good, that’s nice. I was spared having to explain more because Taz fell into a it’s-100-degrees-and-I’m-eating-ice-cream meltdown. I’m not prepared to have that kind of talk with the kids, especially when so much seems to get lost in translation. As far as I’m concerned babies still arrive via stork. Until I have little critters of my own, I think I will attempt to deflect all similar questions with my side-splitting humor and penchant for breaking into song.

*Thank you for the joke, Adam.


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