Time to Scram!

Well, it’s been two weeks so it must be time for me to travel again! I made plans a little over a month ago to head to Manchester when I saw that John Mayer would be playing there. I have always wanted to see him in concert and I thought this would be a great excuse to get in some travel. After doing more research on concerts in the United Kingdom I found out Band of Horses would be playing in Cambridge two nights later. Thus, my UK excursion was planned.

On Wednesday I received a distressing call from Jill. She’d been having a bit of a rough week (read: month or so) and her first words were, “You know how misery loves company?” This could not be good. Turns out she was letting me know, if I hadn’t already heard (which I hadn’t) that Sir Mayer cancelled the remainder of his European tour. Because I’m a lady, and also because I was in public, I refrained from strong expletives. I was/am definitely disappointed though. This concert was the reason for my jaunt in the first place. But, never be discouraged! I will still have a great time, even if JM has to hurry back home to take care of some unnamed illness. It’s going to be great. And Cambridge will be loads of fun as well. I still get to see Band of Horses so all is not lost. And a holiday is a holiday is a holiday. I leave this afternoon and return on Tuesday evening. As always, I’m sure many a picture and story will accompany me home. Tschüss!


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