Sweat it Out

I can say this with almost complete confidence: The Swiss Do Not sweat. It’s almost as if they are programmed to be unable to do anything that would look embarrassing or unsightly. I, on the other hand, have been wired to make up for all the sweating the Swiss don’t do. I’m not sure why, but it’ always been like this. One day last fall when I was working with a personal trainer he said, “Alright! Look at that sweat, you must really be working hard!” It was probably 5 minutes into our session. I told him that, unfortunately, I always sweat a decent amount when I’m working out. He said that the sooner one starts sweating the faster one’s metabolism is. Wahoo! I’ll take it. He was actually a great trainer as he was previously in the Army and liked to use his drill sergeant training to kick my butt during our times together. Unfortunately, he also referred to said butt as my “booty” and I don’t know if I hate a word more than that one. He had to go.

The Mom and I worked out a deal prior to my arrival that would arrange for me to have a gym membership for the year in exchange for ONE night of free babysitting a month. In the end, this means I am missing out on about 700 Fr. but I’m still grateful for the deal. I enjoy going to the gym for several reasons, a main one being it’s a great way to get out of the house without costing money. Upon arriving at my first appointment with ActivFitness I noticed a sign that displayed the proper attire for gym-goers. It simply stated that all shirts must have sleeves and pants must fall below the knees. Ok, the gym I just came from allowed women to wear hot shorts and sports bras only (not that I actually wore this), so this was quite a deviation. Generally, I like to wear shorts and a tank top whilst getting my fitness on. These restrictions are a little frustrating. It’s just too much clothing. Cut back to my first meeting, after my consultation with a staff member was finished and he had concluded showing me how to use all the equipment he gently asked me to “please bring a towel next time” and gave me a sheepish smile. Ouch. I looked around and noticed that yes, all the other patrons had towels. Why? I’m not sure; no one was sweating. I think it was just a prop, like, “Hey, if for some freak-of-nature-reason we decide to sweat one single drop at least we’ll have these beach towels!” Now I always try to bring a hand towel to use.

I am convinced that everyone at my gym knows that I am American. There are two reasons for this: the English writing on all my t-shirts and the fact that I sweat. Because of this I enjoy taking my running outside. I often meet friends, particularly Danielle, down by the lake to run in the afternoons. This still doesn’t completely solve my problem of looking like an outsider. I’ve seen a passerby or two give me the stank eye. For instance, on Tuesday Danielle and I went running. It was chillier up here on the hill than by the lake so I ended up wearing clothing that was too warm, namely a long underwear shirt and a jacket I used to wear under my coat for skiing. I know, not sure what I was thinking when I got dressed. Basically, I felt like a wrestler trying to sweat out extra water weight in order to make it in my weight class. Embarrassing. I’m not exactly sure why all this is relevant other than the fact I find it comical. I remember once when I was still living in ADPi and rooming with Madison, Kasey, and Kara I came home from the Rec in an especially ferocious state. Madison says, “Oh man, is it really raining outside?” “No, but apparently I just made it rain at the gym!! But seriously, the weather is fine.” It must be the way I am built, but I am not alone. My sister, Courtney is the same way. Speaking of…

Courtney just made it safely to Africa! I’m not totally sure what she is up to there but she will be in Kenya for a couple weeks working on projects that are in no doubt much needed. I’m so impressed with her go-get-it attitude and desire to help others. Whenever you read this, Courtney, give yourself a hug ’cause you rule!

Courtney & I

Don’t you just love those cans in the background? Classy.

One thought on “Sweat it Out

  1. You bet your bottom dollar I’m a sweater! I’ve ruined MANY a t-shirt with sweat stains from doing the “brow wipe” to get sweat out of my eyes while working out. White ones are the worst, particularly with the inevitable permanently yellow armpit that results after a while. Ladylike, I know.

    But yes! I’m in Kenya! We are currently at “The Village Market” to pick up some essentials and use the internet, of course, before we head to Maai Mahiu. Thanks for the shout out, and SWEET picture choice! That’s the one where I have like 3 arms…

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