You’re So Vain, I Bet You Think This Post is About You

I have come to learn the location of every reflective surface in this house. Before you assume this is because of my own selfishness and vanity, let me clarify that I know this information because whenever I am looking for one of the kids these are the first places I go. All three kiddos have a fascination with their reflection; they love to look in mirrors. It doesn’t help that there seems to be a mirror around every corner. And I suppose I shouldn’t limit this to mirrors because they will use the glass windows just as often to appraise themselves.

For instance, there is a mirror that is right across from the bottom of the stairs. For the last 5 or 6 steps (depending on your height) you can watch yourself walk downstairs, similar to an entrance on a Miss America pageant. There are many times I will watch Taz take a misstep or two on his way down because he is concentrated on looking at himself. He is also prone to watching himself as he cries. He will stagger over to the same mirror as he is lamenting one of the numerous injustices he encounters around here and gaze as his face becomes red and puffy from crying. I am convinced he is going to go into show business. He is such a little actor.

Rapunzel also has a slight obsession with mirrors. There have been times when I have full conversations with her and she never looks at me; the entire time she is staring at her reflection. She will often perform dance routines in front of the windows in the dining room. These will often carry her into the play room, where the mirror is too high for her to see herself. She will pause, mid-leap, register her reflection is nowhere to be seen, and move the recital elsewhere.

Let us not leave out the Little Bean. She hasn’t quite learned to recognize herself in mirrors, but that doesn’t stop her from loving them. If I am holding her and we walk by a mirror she will cry out and point at it. We will stop and she might say, “Dia! Dia! Baby, baby.” She knows it’s me but she just sees a “baby” in my arms. I am pretty positive this is not some sort of identity crisis and in due time she will learn her own face. Sometimes when she and Taz are having a dance party in the living room Taz will move them over to the mirror so he can see what the two of them look like while dancing. She loves this and will usually kick her moves up a notch to impress the “baby” that is watching.


One thought on “You’re So Vain, I Bet You Think This Post is About You

  1. both my kids will stare at themselves in the mirror also, also do dance recitals, and try to “flex their muscles”, they are both girls let me remind you… it’s the weirdest thing ever. i have told the 7 year old before “OK YOU LOOK COOL LETS GO!”

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