Tiny Dancers

One of the many things the kiddos and I have in common is a love for dancing. I’m not talking about the technical sort, of which I also thoroughly enjoy having spent many years talking tap, jazz, ballet, and pointe lessons. In this instance I am speaking of put-on-the-music-and-let-it-take-you-over kind of dancing. There are many a morning when Taz will ask if we can put on music and just dance. I always think this is a great idea. Partly because it’s risk-free and doesn’t take a lot of effort, but also because the kids look so darn cute when they dance. Right now Little Bean is quite partial toward spinning in circles and making herself dizzy. She will usually flop on the ground and giggle until she can compose herself and then resume dancing. Taz is also a great mover and shaker. He tends to do a lot more bobbing up and down and “street moves,” which involve him sliding across the floor. Often I will see Rapunzel up from the kitchen table, looking at herself in the windows as she expresses herself through motion. Seriously, they are always moving, and usually with style.

They aren’t really particular to the tunes, which makes it a lot of fun to watch. As you can probably surmise from previous posts I am not a fan of the radio over here. Therefore I bring my computer or iPod down most mornings and choose tuneage from my own sources. They have busted a move a plethora of artists including, but not limited to: Dave Matthews Band, Lily Allen, Vampire Weekend, Michael Buble, OAR, and Ray LaMontagne (for rainy days). Once in Laax, I put on Rihanna’s “Hard” and Stella was grooving all over her high chair. It was an interesting tune for her to identify with, but something about the lyrics describing the hardships of answering “fan mail from 27 million” really struck a chord with the little one. Currently, Taz keeps putting on a Christmas CD to dance to. More frequently than I care to admit, I will find myself singing along to “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” or “Silver Bells”…in the middle of May. The children really enjoy it when I take a video of them with my camera and then let them watch it. I have made several attempts to upload such videos but it is proving to be far more technologically complicated than I anticipated. If you can provide any help on how to do this, I think we can agree that we would both benefit as I would know more about my own blog and you would be privileged to see the skillz to which I refer.

Requisite Random Component of Post: Last night I had the opportunity to see a friend of mine play in a Swiss men’s basketball game. Basketball, as you may know, is not an incredibly popular European sport; that would go to soccer. Earlier this spring I went to an American football game, which is another uncommon game to see played. The team was comprised of members from all over the world: Australia, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, and others. The football game itself was not one of the best played games I have ever seen, in fact it was reminiscent of games I attended in high school. But, it was fun nonetheless. The basketball game was great as well. While it may not have been NBA-grade, I think that’s what made it so fun. These guys, most of whom were in their 30s (ish) choose to be on this team because they truly enjoy the game. In both instances it was amazing how “into” the game both the players and the spectators were. There was a definite passion. I’m so glad I get to have experiences like this whilst being here; it makes me feel much more in touch with the city and helps Zurich feel like home.

Requisite Random Component of Post #2: I recently came into an abundance of good music, thanks to my Harlem Globetrotting friend. I want to share one song in particular as it relates to what I set out to discuss in the first place, dancing. The other day I was taking Little Bean for a walk and this song came on my iPod and I had an overwhelming need to dance to it. I refrained, mostly to prevent startling the cows, but this song just stirs something in me. I’m not sure what it is but I wished that it could be played over loud speakers for all the mountain to hear. Now that I’ve talked it up so much you have no choice but to like it. So, I hope you enjoy!

This is Little Bean’s jam:


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