Little Bean & I

I love Thursdays. They are by far my favorite day of the week. It’s the day that Taz goes to KiddiesKare so Little Bean and I hang out all morning. Now that Taz and LB share a room she gets up much earlier. No longer do I have at least a few hours to kill before she wakes up, but turns out that doesn’t matter so much. I can still email and read magazines and this little one is content to play by herself and doesn’t get into too much mischief. She woke up with an ear-ache this morning so I figured we should take it easy. I put on “The Princess and the Frog” and read the most recent InStyle my mom sent. Afterward I figured it was time for exercise, so we went on a walk. I dressed her up like Sporty Spice and we headed out into the cold. Why am I still wearing a fleece jacket in the middle of May?! I don’t know, but neither of us were happy about it. We returned in time for lunch and settled into a familiar routine of playing music while we eat. Today it was Dave Matthews Band Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95. Not a bad set. And she loves to dance so she was bouncing around in her high chair the whole time. Matt, I see a future attendee at the concerts.

As I have mentioned previously, she finally started saying my name a few weeks ago. Now she can’t stop saying it. The latest phrase she’s picked up is, “Merci Dia.”  She says it when I give her a bottle in the morning, put her hair back in a butterfly clip, dress her in the morning, change her diaper, and even feed her lunch. It’s almost as if it’s all she can say right now. She is also picking up more of my own favorite utterances, including, “Oh boy!” which is often exclaimed after discovering she has a pretty serious dirty diaper. Now whenever she has made a “cacky” she pats her butt and says, “Oh boy!” Hilarious. Lastly, she’s got “sorry” down pat. “Sorry,” I accidently slammed your head on the door as we walked out of the room; “sorry,” I just stepped on your hand as I was maneuvering through the battlefield that is the playroom; “sorry” I forgot to screw the lid of the cup on all the way and now you’re covered in water. Hey, we all make mistakes.

In completely unrelated news, Band of Horses just released their newest album Infinite Arms. I’ve listened to it a few times already and I approve. I will be seeing them in two weeks when I got to Manchester and Cambridge and I’m really looking forward to it. They don’t have songs from this latest album on YouTube yet but I have included one of my favorites from Everything All the Time. Enjoy!

Last thing, I promise. Recently Pei Wen shared a link to a blog on her own blog and now I have to pass it along to you. If you ever wonder what I’m currently doing with all this free time, your curiosity will now be sated. Hyperbole and a Half has been occupying mass amounts of my time. It’s hilarious. Most of it is random, but that is in essence what makes it so funny. Her combination of storytelling through words and drawings is dynamite. Some of my favorite posts include: “Things That Can Make You Feel Like an Idiot Almost Immediately,” “The Alot is Better Than You at Everything,” and “How a Fish Almost Destroyed My Childhood.” So, if you too are looking to occupy some time I suggest you check it out.


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