The Griswalds Do Italy

So I am about to embark on my first real “road trip” with the family. Obviously we have gone to Laax several times, but that’s only about an hour away and not too terribly difficult a journey. This trip, however, will take us 6 hours from home. Did I mention we were driving? Did I mention there are 3 kids? How about I throw in the fact I will be in the back seat with the kiddos. Perhaps maybe I should add that the Dad drives with maniacal recklessness and the Mom is certainly no better. I will top off this sundae with the additional factoid that I will not have my computer and my cell phone will be subjected to astronomical fees should I decide to use it. The house is “set out a ways,” which I take to mean as isolated. See where this is going? Essentially I will be cut off from the rest of the planet for a bit with only Little Bean to keep me warm at night.

But, to put my positive spin on it (I know it’s in here somewhere!), I am looking forward to escaping from Zurich for a bit. I have a tendency to get a little stir crazy so this gives me a chance to get out of Dodge (yes, that is a Kansas reference). I will have my own room so there will be a chance to escape from the madness. And, you know my love for nature hiking, which weather-permitting I hope to be doing a lot of. Also, the family lives on a vineyard, so really, the scenery will be undoubtably beautiful–not to mention the amount of wine I’m sure I will have to test for quality control purposes. Finally, I actually don’t mind being isolated from society for a while. Sometimes it’s nice to not be distracted by technology and electronics; I would call it a techno-cleanse, a detox if you will.

Alas, it will be a while until I return but hopefully I will full to the brim with stories and photos. With all the “together time” we will be having I am sure I will be able to scrape together a few tales. Ciao ciao!


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