Age is a State of Mind

Lately Taz has been frequently asking me how old I am. “How alt are you?” “What is for your age?” “How many [years] are you?” he asks. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, sometimes when I am in the bathroom and he is standing outside the door. The constant barrage of questions never ceases. We have gone over many times how old I am currently, how old I was last year, and how old I will turn this year when we celebrate my birthday in November. For some reason he is so curious about age. This started right around the time we were talking about Rapunzel’s upcoming geburtstag. Somehow he gets a number stuck in his head about my age and can’t seem to shake it. Last week is was, “Are you 69?” Yes, I am in fact. And don’t I make it look good! This week the lucky number is 45. Still not close. Rapunzel tries to help him remember and insists that I am 24. No, not quite, almost though. Of course Taz is very sure of his age and can tell me with his fingers exactly how old he is. He also knows how old Little Bean is and talks longingly of all the things she will be able to do when she is this old (holds up two fingers). She will climb stairs on her own, she will be able to ski, she will have friends; the list goes on and on. I wonder what exciting things are in store for me when I turn 24… I will have a big-girl job that I love, I will live in a city I have always dreamed of inhabiting, I will feel content, and if one can dream, at least marginally successful. I should probably ask Taz these things as he seems to hold ideas of the future.

On another note, I was supposed to have the morning off so the Mom and kids could go visit her grandmother in Basel. Unfortunately the Little Bean came down with some sort of variation of croup and they decided to stay home an extra night. Alas, my free time/sleeping in was taken back and the kiddos and I were left with another rainy morning, forcing us to stay indoors. As the Mom decided to sleep in I had breakfast with the kids alone this morning. I made the executive decision to watch a movie and give all of us a mental break– let’s face it,those couple of weisse biers I had last night with Jill probably helped make the decision as well. We never watch movies. The Mom would prefer they only watch 30 minutes of TV a day and that should be done on her time, at night right before bed. Only when the kids are sick is it OK to watch movies or TV in the morning. Well, Little Bean qualifies as being sick to me, so on Tinkerbell went. It was a nice reprieve and helped the morning go by slightly smoother. Afterward, I brought my computer down and put on Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago to help put the kids in a calm state of mind. I was hoping the soothing sounds would somehow transfer onto them. In case you’re wondering, this doesn’t really happen. But As Taz was propelling Little Bean across the room in a stroller he stopped suddenly in front of my computer, started tapping his toe (which in his slippers looks like ‘soft shoe’), and said, “Wow, this is a really good music.” Well, at least the boy has taste. He said the same thing about Pete Yorn Music for the Morning After when I had it on the other day while we played outside. Perhaps he too is horrified by the radio and is grateful for decent music. Finally, after lunch the Mom and kids packed up and shipped out. I promptly placed myself on the couch, where I am currently sitting, and have been enjoying lounging around the house by myself. Sometimes it’s difficult to really relax and let go, so these times when they leave are nice. Now all I have to do is wait for the 75 people I invited over to show up…

Here’s a little musical snack of what I shared with the kids this morning. Probably my favorite song from the CD.


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