Lazy Sunday

I love lazy mornings when I can just sit around drinking my coffee, enjoying breakfast, and generally hang out in my jammies and robe. Both days this weekend have been like that and I am so grateful for the time off. Yesterday I woke up at my friend Kristen’s house and was treated to a couple bowls of cereal, brewed coffee (as opposed to espresso, which is what we drink here), and movies on Apple TV. Scrolling through the list of movie options it was immediately obvious what I was going to watch: “Madagascar 2”. I mean, is there any other choice? I love kids’ movies, especially when they are well done, which I think this series is. The “Shrek” movies are a close second. I hesitate to consider these cinematic indulgences guilty pleasures because I am quite content with my interest in them. And, come on, the adult jokes they throw in there for the parents and babysitters who watch these movies are pretty clever.

Anyway, it was a relaxing morning before a day of sightseeing with some other au pairs. We went to Rheinfall, which is Europe’s biggest waterfall. I don’t want to shame Europe by any means but it looked similar to some of the rapids I have traversed on the Northfolk River. I guess what I’m saying is if you put this waterfall next to Niagra falls I think it would be quickly apparent who would win in a street fight. Nevertheless, it was really beautiful and more importantly, fun to get out for the day with some of the girls. When we get away from our kiddos, there’s no telling what can happen… We got back in town just after six and seeing as though I was in no rush to get back home, Jill and I decided to see a movie. Movies are absurdly expensive over here, which blows my mind because the experience is uncannily similar to what happens in the theaters at home only they are more than twice as much. I’m thinking that for $18 there should be fireworks, some kind of consolation prize, or at the least, a complimentary drink. I saw Avatar earlier this year and it was $26– for one ticket. I’m not proud enough of my salary to share it with you all, but let me say it’s not enough to be financing these kinds of activities on a regular basis.

I have been suffering from a pretty nasty cold/sinus infection for the past week so I am not feeling my best but I can’t just stay cooped up here in the Princess Suite all day, and some fresh air was just what I needed. Along with interesting and frankly, ill-received advice about what to wear, the Mom has been giving me loads of “remedies” to get rid of this sickness. There have been pills from her pharmacist mom, a menthol inhaler that looks somewhat like a space gun, tablets to dissolve in water and then chug, and enough kleenexes to construct a quilt for my single bed. This family tends to awaken the dormant hypochondriac that’s been living inside me. Every time I cough the Mom asks if I have a cold or an allergy. Negative, I just swallowed the wrong way. This time, however I actually have been sick and she is trying everything to help me get healthy. The other night at dinner she advised me to change out of my shorts and put on pants since I am coughing and I “don’t want to catch more of a cold through my legs.” I wish I could explain to you the logic behind that, but it is lost on me as well. Last night I popped two sleeping pills and an ibuprofen and wedged in some ear plugs. The last thing I can remember thinking was I sounded a lot like an astronaut, and then I was out. I feel better this morning, which is good as I have a big day of American football to look forward to. I’m not sure on all the specifics, but I will be attending a football game today with some other au pairs–should be fun.


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