Today is Easter Sunday and it has certainly been a deviation from the norm. When Mom came a few weeks ago she brought me a monster Easter Basket, which I have been slowly devouring ever since. I waited to open the included card until this morning so I would have at least one way to celebrate. I didn’t realize the family would include me in their celebrations. The only thing the kids could talk about yesterday was what good fortune the Osterhase would bring them. I will stop here to make a quick interjection. I’m kind of bored with referring to the kids as “boy,” “girl,” and “baby” so in order to protect their identity I will give them nicknames. The girl will be known as Rapunzel (you would understand if you met her), the boy shall be called Taz (after the tazmanian devil), and the baby will be called Little Bean. I actually do call the baby Little Bean, and she now responds to it. Don’t ask for any explanation because there isn’t one. It’s just something I said one day and it happened to stick. Isn’t that the way it is with most nicknames? There’s hardly any rationality. It’s the same reason I call my brother Matt, Brother Starship Commander and sister Courtney, C-Slice Money Bags. Honestly, I have no idea where these things come from. Hard to believe I’m 23, right?

Back to the festivities. I woke up and read my card and felt a little pit in my stomach for not being able to be with my family on this holiday. Not to mention missing Mom’s birthday yesterday (Happiest of Birthdays!). It’s kind of a sad feeling. Nevertheless, I continued to lay in bed for a couple minutes until I saw the door crack open and Taz’s face appear in the doorway. I should mention he is quite the Peeping Tom. I am paranoid the one four-year-old memory he will have is the time he walked in on me in the shower. Obviously, now I never leave a bathroom door unlocked, guests beware. I resigned myself to get up and go downstairs. The kiddos showed me their Easter baskets and the Dad informed me that the Osterhase had paid a visit to me as well. “Wow,” I thought, “that was really kind. It’s nice to feel a part of the family.” So Taz, Rapunzel, and I set off upstairs to look for it. It was finally discovered on the top shelf of the bookcase outside my room. The object inside was unmistakably a book and I got rather excited. I love to read and am always looking for a good book. Rapunzel helped me split open the wrapping and her interest in my present immediately vanished as she discovered it contained no sugar. I wish I could recall my exact reaction to reading the title but now all I can think is that it’s rather funny and completely characteristic of the family: Vocabulary for Learners of German–A Comprehensive Thesaurus. No doubt this is a very thoughtful gesture, and the present has much more practicality than a brick of chocolate. I am accustomed to white chocolate pretzels and Skittles on Easter morning, however, so this came as a bit of a surprise. I thanked the parents downstairs and they both smiled. The Mom replied (with a smile, mind you), “I could have gotten you something to read but I thought this would be of more use. And, you know, you actually have to use it. It’s no good if it just sits there.” Noted. I realize my German is bad, but that’s partly due to the lack of placement in a class. And, hey, I’m not completely daft. I could understand perfectly well last night when Rapunzel was telling her parents she is a much better skier than I. Anyway, it was just a different sort of gift.

The rest of the day passed rather unceremoniously. Outside, it was intermittently raining and snowing; it paused for about 5 minutes this afternoon and then quickly picked back up with a more intensity, perhaps to make up for lost time. I read close to 100 pages in my latest book, Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffeneger–excellent, by the way– and watched an episode of “Castle.” I made approximately four cups of tea and ate with the regularity of a newborn. I am positive I will make it the whole day without stepping a foot outside, which I kind of hate. I like to get some form of exercise or at least outdoors time each day and it makes me feel beyond worthless to count my accomplishments in terms of how many chocolate eggs I resisted. I was able to watch the live sermon from Church of the Resurrection back in Kansas City, so at least I did something I would usually do on Easter. I also spoke with my family, who I really miss today. All in all, holidays with another family are just strange. It makes me nostalgic for the traditions and activities that I simply take for granted. Don’t get me wrong, though. This family is great and I feel I really lucked out. I suppose they will do as a “prop” family for the next year. Too bad my birthday isn’t for another 8 months–who knows what lies ahead!


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