What I Saw Today

An acrostic poem for you:

  • White people everywhere! I almost forgot about the complete lack of diversity here.
  • Hangover-free-me. Surprising… But, hey, I’ll take it.
  • A horse manure obstacle course in front of me at one point during my walk this morning with the baby.
  • Tan lines! Oh yes, the sun is beautiful thing.
  • Incredible amounts of candy by my desk. Thanks to my mom, my sweet tooth has reared it’s ugly head.
  • Seasonal depression leaving my system. Seriously, winter was far too long.
  • A couple making out on a street bench. Oh wait, make that 50 couples.
  • Woman walking a bichon frise in her heels at 9:00 A.M.. France called and they need you back!
  • Tractors heading toward me as I navigate a pram on country roads. I am basically a Gladiator at this point with my hand-eye coordination.
  • One stack of Swiss Francs on my desk–payday was yesterday. Now comes the easy part, spending it.
  • Danielle heading toward me on the running path! I’m sorry we didn’t meet up sooner!
  • Apples on the counter. Coupled with peanut butter, it’s the new POWER SNACK. According to Shape magazine, that is.
  • You all on my Stats! Apparently people actually read this thing. Thank you!

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