2 Months

It has been a full two months since I left the States. This is now the longest I have ever been away from home. The only other comparable experience is study abroad in Italy and I was gone for just over 6 weeks. I remember thinking as I was leaving that I wish I had more time since I was just finally getting to know my way around and feel comfortable in the city. Study abroad was the catalyst for this experience, in fact. When I got home from study abroad I was glad to see my friends and be surrounded by the comforts of home, but I wanted more time in Europe. I thought for several months afterward of ways that could bring me back. I had heard of au pairs before but didn’t really consider it until about a year ago this time. It was late Spring when the idea stuck in my brain and I knew I needed a way to talk to my parents about it.

I can clearly recall sitting on the back patio eating dinner with mom and dad and bringing up the subject to test how they would react to it. Honestly, I didn’t think they would go for it. Thankfully, they did. I put the wheels in motion in June and by August I had accepted the job. After a semester of having to split my brain between Student Teaching and preparing for this journey I couldn’t believe when January 23rd arrived. Truthfully, I am amazed at how fast the time has gone, and even more so in how much I have learned. The proficiency in which I can change a diaper is testament alone to how much my skills are improving. And let me tell, you this baby means business. It needs to be taken care of. Immediately. In any case, I’m happy I’m here. I’m happy I made the decision to do something a little wild and way out of my comfort zone. I think I was/am terrified of the prospect of saying to myself in 10 years, “I wish I would have…” I don’t want that a part of my future. So, I”m doing things I normally might not and experiencing things I never imagined.

Basically, putting all that edumacation and book-learnin’ to good use. Getting all cultured and stuff.

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