After my 24 hours of servitude I was in great need of time with friends. Luckily, I was treated to a pseudo-middle school sleepover on Saturday night at Kristen’s. Thanks to my recent acquisition of magazines I was able to bring a few to the party. Turns out there were already several there and by the time the six of us were settled amongst the pull-out couches and nail-painting station, we were swimming in a sea of glossy paper. It was fun to catch up on current trends and find out what kind of shorts and dresses I will be wearing this summer. We exchanged stories about our charges and families, and eventually the conversation turned to the people we were reading about: celebrities.

Being caretakers ourselves, we couldn’t help but discuss the merits of many of the celebrimoms in our magazines (Kate Gosselin, Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon). What would it be like to be a nanny of a famous person? If we think we have children that seem entitled now, what would it be like with kids whose parents could buy them the world (Hello, Brad and Angie)? We also had an interesting conversation about the spin the tabloids put on certain stars. Our view is shaped based on what certain people decide to share with us, most of it being false anyway.

I think we were all struck by the impact celebrities have on our life, whether we like it or not. How did this monster get created? I am completely guilty: checking people.com when I’m bored, reading the magazines, and when I was home, watching E! I suppose I am just humored by how influential these perfect strangers are.

On an equally significant note, it was warm enough to wear shorts while running outside today. I can’t decide if people were looking at me funny because of the fact I wasn’t wearing full pants or because my legs are so pasty white. I’m pretty sure these things could glow in the dark at this point. Bring on Spain and the beach!


2 thoughts on “Fame

  1. I know this is a bit delayed, but I can’t help but comment.

    I am referring specifically to this sentence:

    “Being caretakers ourselves, we couldn’t help but discuss the merits of many of the celebrimoms in our magazines (Kate Gosselin, Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon).”

    Since when did KATE GOSSELIN have MERITS as a mom? Last time I checked (which isn’t very often and is usually by word of mouth), she’s ruining her childrens’ lives by shoving them in and out of the media and using them to get more money. Sounds more like DEmerit to me!

    • That’s exactly what we were debating, whether or not she was a good mom. Come down from the ledge, my friend. Nobody (here at least) is trying to say she is a great parent.

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