There’s No Place Like Home

It has been so great having my mom visit me. When we planned her trip back in January, I remember thinking how at this point in my journey I would definitely be ready to see some one from home. I certainly nailed it, because I could not have been more eager for her arrival. After making our way home from the airport Mom proceeded to pull out all my “requests” from her suitcase. I must pause to share that the suitcase weighed 63 pounds. That’s right, Mom had basically been toting around a fourth grader. About half of the contents were goodies, some of which I had asked for, and some were the sweetest surprises. I will share with you:

-9 magazines

-4 books

-2 jars of JIF crunchy peanut butter

-2 bags of pretzel Nibblers

-1 jar of cashews

-clothing I bought online

-3 tubes of Crest toothpaste

-1 batch of her extra-delicious cookies

-And, an extra-special Easter Basket with an outrageous amount of candy

Phew! I never knew how much I would appreciate these little comforts of home. It’s been fun catching up and just spending time with each other over a banana or apple and peanut butter and reading our books and magazines at night. We’ve had fun during the day as well. Yesterday, we explored Zurich by foot. I was able to show her some of my favorite spots and we enjoyed nice at a cute little restaurant. Most importantly, we imbibed in a little retail therapy along the most expensive street in the world. Today was great as well. After working in the morning, we headed to Einsiedeln, the second largest pilgrimage site in Europe. A beautiful monastery is located there, along with the Black Madonna, which is said to have miraculous power. It was a picturesque town and perfect for an afternoon activity. Mom and I still have a lot more to look forward to for the next couple of days. After seven weeks here, it’s so refreshing to have a little taste of home.


One thought on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Hi to Kristina and Aunt Susan…
    Your Blog site is so very Special to look at.
    Going to print this portion for our family to read.

    Really happy that the two of you are together this week. We are going to try the peanut butter & mini pretzels with a cashew on it. Sounds really Yummy.
    The banana and apple sounds great & Hot Cocoa.

    This is my first time to see and answer a Blog. Will send more later. Wish we were there for you to show us around also. Our thoughts are with You.
    Sending our Love, Your California Held’s.

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