Watch Out Lindsey Vonn!

Today afforded me another opportunity to hit the slopes. You guessed it, this was a suggestion of the Dad. He thought it would be great if I watched the Baby in the morning and then I could have all afternoon to ski. Oh, and don’t forget the mention to “give him a buzz” when I got to the top so we could all ski together. All= the Dad, the Mom, and the Grandpa. Excellent. This is exactly what I want to do– potentially harm/humiliate myself in front of them all so they will have something to talk about at dinner lest the conversation come to a lull. I actually really wanted to ski today so I suppose this was a good idea. But, in my mind’s eye I pictured myself going solo project down the mountain.

Side note: the guy who gave me my ski equipment is a gentleman I have seen there every time. He recognized me and greeted me by name (hmm?) and proceeded to set me up with something “really groovy.” He must spend quite a bit of time downstairs in that rental room as “groovy” is not so much in circulation anymore. Upon seeing my skis this afternoon, the Mom exclaimed, “Wow, those are really bizarre!” Yes, I suppose the giant skiing squirrel and flying bat decorating my footwear are slightly strange. I felt like a fool all day.

I reluctantly texted the Dad to let him know when I arrived at the top of the mountain. He promptly called me to tell me they were about to go down a really difficult Black, leaving from an entirely different lift, and would call me in and hour and a half. Yes! How did I score this fortunate turn of events? Now I would have time to perfect my craft and make shredded cheese out of all the Blues I could find. This is exactly what I did. I think by the time my solo time was over I was feeling a little cocky. “You want me to try my hand (or feet) at carving down this mountain? Well, why didn’t you say so sooner!” I was so full of myself I even thought for a minute I could actually speak German. I shared a two-person tow lift up a hill and was chatting with my partner. I warned him, “Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut” but he proceeded to chat away while I sat with a goofy, ignorant grin on my face. I exhausted the few phrases I know by heart and we finished the ride with him speaking German and me saying random phrases of English. We bid farewell just as the Mom was calling me to see where we should meet. Oh no, the time had come.

She met me at Crap Sogn Gion and suggested we make our way down to the bottom via route #60. I first attempted this run when it was snowing and the whole side of the mountain was enveloped in a cloud. I literally couldn’t even see my skis the conditions were so bad. One might say I was less than eager to try it again. She assured me after watching me ski for approximately 3.5 minutes that I was good and definitely ready. So, we set off. I can say now that it in no way reminded me of the previous time I went down. Of course, being able to see was a minor improvement, but I honestly believe I have gotten better over these last few times. I felt much more confident and as if I had an actual form going, rather than merely “sliding” down the steep bits. Perhaps I don’t give myself enough credit. A good portion of the way down we stopped for a tea and when she asked if I wanted alcohol in it I politely declined and replied, “I still need to make it down.” And make it down, I did. I felt so good about it, in fact, that we took the lift a little more than halfway up and repeated some of the run. It was great. Despite feeling pressured to do some activities out of my comfort zone I realize I am not afforded experiences like this all the time, so it’s best to answer the door when opportunity knocks!

EXCITING NEWS: 1) I booked my ticket for Spain today! Going the last week in March. 2) My mom comes on Sunday–Wahoo!


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